KPMG’s market leading ‘Finance Transformation Experience’ is a unique way for finance leaders and change advocates to explore and discuss their views to transforming the Finance Function. It covers the leading practices and contains the dilemmas, and challenges that financial institutions face when undergoing a Finance Transformation. It offers a simulated environment for exploring how your organization’s Finance Team view the case for change and their preferred approach to delivering impactful and sustainable outcomes.

Through this experience, finance leaders will go through the five phases of a finance transformation with their teams in an interactive and simulated game, facilitated by an experienced Finance Transformation specialist. The five phases are: 1. Vision & Strategy; 2. Scoping & Requirements; 3. Detailed Design; 4. Build & Implement; and 5. Sustain & Improve

This opens the floor to insightful discussions about your own Finance Function, and a moment to reflect upon the various perspectives within your team. Each phase in the experience presents the ‘players’ with relevant challenges and dilemma’s often faced by other financial institutions, based on KPMG’s extensive track record in this area. 

  1. The experience starts with a 30 minute presentation from KPMG on the recognized leading practices and approaches to Finance Transformation, intended to inspire the participants, allowing for an engaging discussion.
  2. After that, your team will be guided through a 1,5 hour simulation of Finance Transformation using KPMG’s unique ‘ Finance Transformation Experience’ game. Four teams will strive to make the best decisions in order to successfully complete the Finance Transformation and claim the victory.
  3. The experience will end with a 30 minute wrap-up session, during which the participants can reflect on their own decisions as well as those of others. The facilitator will drive a discussion on similarities and differences and steer towards some overarching insights that the team can take away and consider in regards to your organization’s own Finance Transformation initiative.

This experience is suitable for any finance team considering or currently undergoing a finance transformation, or if you’re simply looking to explore and gather team perspectives on transformation in the Finance Function. The session takes 2,5 hours in total and is intended for at least 4 and at most 16 participants. At the end of the session, you will receive the presentation material on the leading practices as well as the notes reflecting the considerations and outcomes of simulated decisions made during the interactive experience. Finally, participants will look back on an enjoyable afternoon together for a long time to come.

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