The Education & Research sector group works in a multidisciplinary fashion to meet your need to control and strengthen educational organisation, operations and systems, as well as the desire for accountability and compliance with specific services.

Dutch education and research enjoy an excellent international reputation, but that position cannot be taken for granted and is sadly deteriorating in some areas – because other countries are improving faster.

The contribution of government and business to training and research costs is also declining in relative terms. While the demographic intake, the professional field, society and technology are changing significantly, the ability of the educational sector to innovate effectively appears limited. It needs to meet increasing demands resulting from regulations, governance and collective bargaining agreements with an organisation lacking in flexibility and autonomous professionals. However, our future welfare is highly dependent on the quality of our future education and research.

At the KPMG sector group Education & Research, we want to contribute to quality, effectiveness and innovation with relevant studies, recommendations and support. Our core activities also include control of the annual financial statements and funding.


Wim Touw
KPMG in the Netherlands

Ronald Koorn
Partner, Assurance & Advisory
KPMG in the Netherlands

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