At MBO Talent Booster Foundation, we value collaboration with various partners. KPMG supports this foundation as a founder, and other entities like StreetPro are also closely involved in our efforts to enhance equality of opportunity.

There are multiple ways to support MBO students through the Foundation, ranging from offering internship opportunities to providing financial resources. Feel free to reach out to us to join the fight for equal opportunities!

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Are you a teacher and want to sign up a student?

This is possible! Discuss the registration process with the student and either fill in the form for them, have the student fill out the form, or do it together.

Background information

About the MBO Talent Booster, formerly the KPMG Jan Hommen Scholarship Foundation

The KPMG Jan Hommen Scholarship Foundation (KJHS) was established on April 12, 2016, and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under registration number: 65805089. The foundation's bank account number is NL78 RABO 0310 2494 65. The RSIN number is 856266899. The foundation has ANBI status. In 2024, the foundation changed its name to MBO Talent Booster.

Activities of the MBO Talent Booster
The encouragement of students to successfully complete their studies in secondary vocational education and the solicitation of funds for students in secondary vocational education.

Address: Laan van Langerhuize 1 1186 DS Amstelveen

Board Members of the Foundation

Jolanda van Schaik, Chairwoman
Okele van der Kam, Treasurer
Titia Schutten, Secretary
Martin Koning, Board Member

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Financial Statements and Objectives of the MBO Talent Booster Foundation
You can download the board report of the foundation for the financial year 2021-2022 here.

The main financial objectives are:

  • To raise a minimum of €20,000 in funds annually.
  • To provide a minimum of two full scholarships each year (for up to 4 academic years with a scholarship value of €2,500 per year).
  • To cover the costs associated with organizing activities related to the Talent Development Program ("talent development days, 'empower nature camps', finals, and follow-up days"), as well as communication expenses, through an additional contribution from KPMG. This ensures that funds raised are almost entirely used for the education of selected candidates.
  • Board members do not receive any financial compensation for their services. However, reimbursement of any incurred expenses is provided through expense claims.

Policy Plan:
Policy Plan of MBO Talent Booster

Standard form for publication obligation ANBI status

Standard form for publication obligation

Form Privacy Statement:

Privacy statement MBO Talent Booster

The Foundation also met its financial objectives in 2022. The funds raised during this period exceeded the minimum requirement (of €20,000 annually). The total value of the funds raised has been fully allocated to scholarships.

As long as the foundation can continue to meet the original fundraising goal of €20,000 annually in the coming years, the board is confident that there is a financially sound basis to meet the goals as described in the policy plan.

Contributions to the MBO Talent Booster
If you have been inspired by the stories of the winners and would like to make a (financial) contribution to, for example, enable an additional scholarship in addition to the two scholarships pledged annually by KPMG, please contact us; send an email.