Want to know where your talents lie? Are you looking for inspiration to give your intermediate vocational (MBO) course a boost? KPMG can help you fulfil your dream!

Apply for the KPMG Jan Hommen Scholarship programme in partnership with the StreetPro Foundation and you could win a scholarship worth up to €2500 per year for every (remaining) year of your MBO course. By taking part, you also get the chance to be picked for:

  • a Talent Development Day
  • an Empower Survival Camp at a special location
  • coaching and study support from StreetPro

Taking part in the programme is free, we only ask you to invest your own time.

How to apply?

  • Go to https://www.streetpro.nl/kpmg-jan-hommen-scholarship/and apply there.
  • Or nominate someone you feel deserves this scholarship and write a recommendation for them.
  • Tell us about your motivation. You could also do this in the form of a video of yourself.
  • Ask someone who knows you well for a recommendation.

The selection procedure

Below you will find the dates for the KHJS edition of 2022. If you have questions or comments, send an e-mail to kjhs@streetpro.nl.

  • Recruitment of new candidates
    Apply before 18 March 2022. Tell us about your motivation and/or make a video, etc. Finally, ask someone who knows you well for a recommendation.
  • First selection round
    Out of all the applications, 25 students are selected who are invited to take part in the KPMG Talent Development Programme. The selection takes place in consultation between StreetPro and KPMG.
  • Personality questionnaire
    Discover your talents and get the best out of yourself. You will be asked to complete this questionnaire in preparation for the Talent Development Day.
  • KPMG Talent Development Day - Friday 22 April.
    A half day full of challenging workshops that feature in the Talent Development Programme.
  • Second selection round
    By 26 April, you will hear whether you have made it through to the Empower Survival Camp and the final!
  • 3-day Empower Survival Camp (2-4 May)
    Three days full of challenges at a special top location, including overnight stays! When you come back, you’ll get to pick out a dress/suit at Dress for Success in Amsterdam.
  • Presentation skills – 5 May
    Workshop on presentation techniques to prepare you for the final presentation.
  • Final presentation – 6 May
    The final, in which the remaining students are invited to present themselves to the jury. By tackling a challenging assignment, you’ll get the chance to show the best of yourself and what you have learned during the Empower Survival Camp and so set yourself apart from your fellow candidates. Two students will actually be awarded scholarships! The runners-up will not leave empty-handed.


For questions or comments about the programme, please contact Ivolaine de Nobrega – you can reach her at kjhs@streetpro.nl.

Conditions of participation

  1. Regional training college (ROC)/intermediate vocational (MBO) students and school leavers (at least MBO level) are eligible for the KPMG Jan Hommen Scholarship programme. Teachers and care coordinators can also nominate potential candidates (with the candidate’s agreement) by writing a recommendation.
  2. The winners will only actually be awarded the scholarship if they commit and enrol for an ROC/MBO course in the Netherlands and are able to submit proof: a copy of a confirmation of enrolment on an ROC course and an invoice for tuition fees in the student’s name. The winners sign an agreement to this effect with the KPMG Jan Hommen Scholarship Foundation (‘the Foundation’).
  3. The scholarship, which is paid in instalments, must be used to pay for an appropriate MBO course (tuition fees) that helps the winner to achieve his/her goals. The spending money must be used for study-related items/purchases. The Foundation reserves the right to require proof (receipts/invoices) for the remittance of spending money.
  4. The scholarship awarded is not transferable to another student and the winner must follow the MBO course he/she has enrolled for at a training institute in the Netherlands.
  5. The scholarship is awarded to each of the two winning students for the duration of their MBO course and will exclusively be continued if their results are adequate and the student progresses to the next academic year. If a student’s results are inadequate, the scholarship will be suspended immediately. Each semester/term, the winners of the scholarship must submit their results to the StreetPro Foundation and the Foundation/KPMG. It is up to the winners of the scholarship to take the initiative in doing so. If a student fails to share his/her results, the scholarship will be suspended immediately.
  6. The scholarship will be paid into the winner’s account in instalments over the academic year, starting from the next academic year.
  7. If a candidate is unexpectedly unable to take part in one of the prescribed programme days, he/she will be disqualified from further participation in the programme and will no longer be eligible for the scholarship. His/her place will then be allocated to another candidate.
  8. Failure to comply with one or more of the conditions for participation or with the conditions set out in the agreement concluded with the winner will result in disqualification from participation in the programme and the suspension or withdrawal of the scholarship by the Foundation.
  9. If you were inspired by a previous programme, either as a participant or an interested observer and you want to make a contribution, please don't hesitate to share your experiences with the organisers – perhaps you’ll be invited to take part in the next Talent Development Day yourself or be a member of next year's jury. Then you’ll help decide who wins!
  10. All the dates and programme elements listed are provisional and may be amended by the organisers (employees of the StreetPro Foundation and KPMG).
  11. The winners of the scholarship must conclude an agreement with the Foundation in which the conditions for the scholarship are spelled out in more detail. A draft of the agreement can be supplied on request. The scholarship commences from the next academic year.
  12. Candidates under the age of 18 are welcome to take part. They are not subject to the requirement to pay tuition fees. If a candidate who is not yet 18 is named the winner, the amount of the scholarship will be adjusted and they will only receive a payment (spending money) to cover study-related expenses for the academic years in which they have not yet reached the age of 18.
  13. Candidates on BOL or BBL courses are welcome to apply for the KPMG Jan Hommen Scholarship programme. BOL stands for Beroeps Opleidende Leerweg (sandwich course), in which the greater part of the training is delivered at school. BBL stands for Beroepsbegeleidende Leerweg (apprenticeship), a combination of working and learning, with the student being employed by an accredited training company. If the winning candidate is on a BBL course, the amount of the scholarship will be determined by the Foundation, after consultation with the candidate. One of the considerations will be whether the candidate’s tuition fees have already been paid by the accredited training company.
  14. The information about the KPMG Jan Hommen Scholarship on the KPMG web pages is general information from which no rights may be derived.
  15. For more information, please refer to the Regulations of the KJHS Foundation (PDF).