We believe investing in education and the development of people is the best way to offer everyone perspective on career and income. Embracing lifelong learning will subsequently make the economy and society become sustainably stronger.

Former CEO of KPMG The Netherlands, Jan Hommen: “Students at the vocational level are crucial for society. They often do not get the attention students at the academic level receive when commencing in education. We would like to act and do something special for this group of students. There are a lot of young people among this group that have encountered a great deal within their young lives, who sometimes – so to speak – have to pull themselves up by the hair. We would like to show that we appreciate that perseverance and want to provide extra incentive to emphasize the contribution they can offer to our society.”

The KPMG Jan Hommen Scholarship (KJHS) Program is aimed at talented students at the vocational level of schooling, who can really use (financial) support. On an annual basis we offer sixteen students a day of Talent Development. A program of both fun and serious workshops challenges participants to show their talents and work on pre-established development focus topics. Furthermore, 8 out of those participants are awarded a 3-day Empower Survival Camp at a special and unique location. Action, adventure and self-reflection are the central key topics during these three days, preparing for the ‘grand finale’. During the Day of the Final at least two of the eight students will be awarded a scholarship: supporting them during (the rest of) the duration of their education at the vocational level. 

Winners 2023

On May 8, 2023, the KJHS jury was able to make all 15 finalists happy with a scholarship with a value ranging from EUR 1,500 to EUR 2,500, varying from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 4 years. In addition, they all received a laptop from KPMG.

All winners can benefit from the support of a KPMG mentor to help them work on their professional skills, build a network and provide personal coaching and/or get a coach from StreetPro.

You can view an impression of the 2023 programme on this page.

About the KPMG Jan Hommen Scholarship Foundation

The KPMG Jan Hommen Scholarship (KJHS) Foundation [Stichting KPMG Jan Hommen Scholarship] was established on 12 April 2016. The KJHS Foundation is registered with the trade register in the Netherlands under number 65805089 and under Legal Entities and Partnerships Identification Number [RSIN] 856266899. The bank account number of the foundation is NL78 RABO 0310 2494 65.

Activities of KJHS Foundation
The KJHS Foundation encourages students to attain Dutch intermediate vocational [MBO] degrees and raises funds to enable pupils in secondary education to enter such vocational programmes.

Address of KJHS Foundation
Laan van Langerhuize 1
1186 DS Amstelveen

Members of Board of KJHS Foundation

  • Jolanda van Schaik, chair
  • Okele van der Kam, treasurer
  • Titia Schutten, secretary
  • Martin Koning, board member

If you have any questions, please contact us by email.

Financial statements and objectives of KJHS Foundation
The management report of the foundation is only available in Dutch and can be downloaded here.

Its key financial targets are:

  • Raising at least EUR 20,000 in funds every year.
  • Making available at least two full scholarships every year (for up to four course years, with a value of EUR 2,500 per year).
  • Covering the costs of organising activities relating to the Talent Development Programme (talent development days, 'empower nature camps', finals and days where students share experiences), as well as the communication expenses, from an additional contribution by KPMG. 
  • This ensures that virtually all the raised funds go towards supporting the studies of the selected candidates.
  • The Board members receive no remuneration for their services. They are only reimbursed for any relevant expenses they incur. 

The foundation has managed to raise additional funds since 2016. This has created financial scope to increase the number of scholarships for the coming year, for example to four full scholarships. At the KJHS finals, the finalists are awarded scholarships, ranging from one to four years. 

As long as the foundation continues to meet its original target of raising EUR 20,000 in funds per year, the Board is convinced there is a sound financial basis for achieving the objectives described in the policy plan.

Contributions to KPHS Foundation
If you have been inspired and want to make a (financial) contribution to enable KPMG to add another scholarship to the two annual scholarships we provide already, please contact us by email.