• Brexit


    Brexit has a great impact on the daily business

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  • Cyber Security

    Cyber Security

    Cyber threats are substantially increasing

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  • Data & Analytics

    Data & Analytics

    The importance of having a data driven organization

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  • Digital Transformation & Innovation

    Digital Transformation & Innovation

    Technical advancements are rapidly following up each other

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  • Economy


    The economy continues to advance

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  • ESG

    Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG)

    Corporate social responsibility to support the environment

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  • Impact covid on organisations

    Impact covid on organisations

    Covid-19 bringing new challenges

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  • Management, Leadership & People

    Management, Leadership & People

    Ensure the right commitment, development and motivation of people

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  • Perspectives


    Viewpoints from KPMG leaders and subject matter experts from around the world.

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  • Raad program

    Raad program

    Leaders gladly share their perspectives and experiences

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