King IV™ Summary Guide

King IV™ Summary Guide

KPMG supports good governance as the benefits of ethical leadership and well-run organisations accrues to everyone. This document contains some of the commonly asked questions regarding KING IV™.

King IV

KPMG has had many queries from clients on King IV™. We reflect below some of the most frequently asked questions and answers.

Why the need for King IV™?

King IV™ builds on King III™. It has been revised to bring it up to date with international governance codes and best practice; to align it to shifts in the approach to capitalism (towards inclusive, integrated thinking across the six capitals) and to take account of specific corporate governance developments in relation to effective governing bodies, increased compliance requirements, new governance structures (e.g. Social and Ethics Committee), emerging risks and opportunities from new technologies and new reporting and disclosure requirements e.g. Integrated Reporting.

What is the applicability of King IV™?

King IV™ is structured as a Report that includes a Code, with additional, separate sector supplements for SME’s, NPO’s, State-Owned Entities, Municipalities and Retirement Funds. The King Code™ contains both principles and recommended practices aimed at achieving governance outcomes.

Whilst King IV™ is voluntary (unless prescribed by law or a stock exchange Listings Requirement) it is envisaged that it will be applicable to all organisations irrespective of their form or manner of incorporation. The King Code™ principles of good governance are presumed to apply, whilst the practices should be applied on a ‘proportionality’ basis depending on the nature, size and complexity of the organization.

When is the effective date of King IV™?

King IV™ was released on 1 November 2016. It is effective for financial years commencing from 1 April 2017.

More information

Find out more about KING IV in this document, which includes:

  • How does King IV™ differ from King III™?
  • Governing Body Responsibilities and Good Governance Outcomes
  • King IV™ Quick Reference Guide


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