Hotline for Clients

Hotline for Clients

The KPMG Mozambique hotline is a vehicle for all our clients & business partners to confidentially report concerns they have relating to certain areas of activity by KPMG itself; its services, employees or conduct. Further information is given below on when and how to use the Hotline, and on how your report will be dealt with.

Make a report


When to use the KPMG Mozambique Hotline

Reports made to this Hotline should only be in relation to the following:

  • Our Services;
  • Our Staff;
  • Our Conduct
  • Our Teams;
  • Client Satisfaction;
  • Crime;
  • Anti-bribery.

There is no obligation on an individual to make a report through the Hotline and there are no sanctions that can or will be applied to any individual if they decide not to make a report using the Hotline.

Any abuse of the Hotline may result in action being taken against the perpetrators of the abuse. However, provided users of the system act in good faith, they will not face sanctions against them.


Given the measures that are in place to ensure the confidentiality of reports and the details of individuals making reports, we encourage you to give your name and contact details when making you report. Your identity will be kept confidential at all stages of the process and will not be disclosed to third parties or individuals who are the subject of your report. The exceptions to this include where it is necessary to disclose information to relevant persons involved in any further investigation of the matter, where disclosure is required for any subsequent judicial proceedings or where access is requested by any regulatory authority. 

What will happen to your report

Your report will be reviewed by our Regulatory Compliance team who will determine the appropriate initial action. We will always do our best to ensure that all our clients' needs and expectations are met.