Our Regulatory services are based on a deep expertise that allow us to support you on all the regulatory issues that may arise from your operations

Our Regulatory services allow us to support you on all the regulatory issues.

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Our Regulatory services are based on a deep expertise that allow us to support you on all the regulatory issues that may arise from your operations, in order to assure compliance with regulations, repatriation of the invested capital and income generated locally and a proper support to your local employees and expatriates.

Incorporation and licensing

In the setting up stage of your investment the administrative procedures and
requirements may seem overwhelming and time-consuming. Moreover, although there are many entities in the market prepared to successfully incorporate a company, very few offer a complete set of services in order to support a client until the company is effectively active and operational.

We can make it easier for you.

Our team is prepared to assist you with all the relevant requirements, including the incorporation and business licensing, but also opening of bank accounts, registration for tax and social security purposes and all the practical issues that will allow you to have a fully operational local entity.

Assistance with labour issues

Labour issues are one of the most sensitive topics from a regulatory standpoint, either on a setting up stage as well as on the daily basis. Establishing correct and accurate human resources procedures is of essence to prevent litigation with employees and heavy penalties from the labour authorities.

We are available to assist you on the setting up of your business schedule, draft employment agreements (including any applicable fringe benefits) for local employees and expatriates, clarification of rights and obligations of both parties, determination of severance payments or any other related matters. KPMG can also assist you with disciplinary processes.

Support on immigration procedures

Our main clients are foreign investors and, considering the need for expertise on each business fi often expatriate employees are seconded into the Mozambican operations.Our assistance on the immigration procedures allow the expatriates to start working in Mozambique with the work and residency permit, and also includes support on obtaining the necessary residency permits for their family when moving into Mozambique.Penalties for expatriate employees illegally working in Mozambique are heavy, and the labour authorities often pursuit inspection procedures in order to verify the compliance with those relevant procedures.

Exchange control compliance obligations

Mozambique has specific exchange control regulations whose purpose is to control the circulation of foreign currency to and from the country. For a foreign investor, the compliance with the exchange law procedures is mandatory to guarantee that the invested capital may be repatriated and thefuture dividends of the local operations may be distributed abroad. It should be considered that some of the procedures are dependent from pre-approval and, therefore, once this requirement is not met, the Central Bank may not allow the repatriation of the concerning funds.Our team has a deep expertise on dealing with exchange controls procedures, maintaining a good relationship with Central Bank, whereby we will be able to assist you on all the applicable requirements in order to guarantee that your investment will be duly protected from an exchange law perspective.

Legal Due Diligence

In the acquisition of an existing business, it is very important to verify the legal situation of the target company, namely if it has all registrations in order, if it has the correct business license and whether it has the appropriate contracts in place for the employees.

Other ongoing administration secretarial services

As your business partners we are available to assist you on all the ongoing administration procedures that might be required, namely various types of contracts preparation and review, secretarial services, transfer and quotas/ shares mergers and acquisitions, property acquisition and registration, deregistration of companies, increase or reduction of share capital, licenses renewal, among others to be agreed on a case by case basis when and if required.

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