Accounting Support and Outsourcing

Accounting Support and Outsourcing

We can assist you with the outsourcing of your accounting function, advice on complex accounting transactions and the secondment of accounting staff.

We can assist you with the outsourcing of your accounting function.

Accounting Outsourcing: Still thinking about it?

Your Concerns
Our Solutions

How can we help?

Whether you:

  • require specific skills and advice,
  • wish to fully outsource your accounting function,
  • need to fill the sudden absence of a key staff member,
  • wish to improve the quality of your accounting information, or
  • would like more management information from your accounting

our accountants can provide you with specially tailored services that meet your needs and your budget.

We can help you make the most of your finance and payroll functions and help you run your business better.

Why choose KPMG for your Accounting?

We focus on adding value to your business

Your company’s performance is our priority. We will always focus on your interests and provide you with regular feedback. As a result, you will gain better insight into the financial position of your company, which will enable you to manage it better.

We are your partner, not just a provider

Our goal is to be more than simply a service provider – we aim to be a partner that responds proactively to your needs. You can trust us as you would your own employees. We will communicate with you at both the operational and managerial level, so you can turn to us at any time with whatever issue you might have.

We focus on your particular needs

We do not provide standardised services to our clients, but rather adapt our services to meet our clients’ specifications. So whether you require accounting supervision for one day per month or large-scale outsourcing services, our services can be tailored to accommodate your specific needs.

We provide the skills you require

We invest heavily in our employees to ensure that they have a thorough understanding of accounting, tax and commercial rules and regulations, enabling them to perform any accounting or payroll task competently and efficiently. We are not simply bookkeepers, but, in conjunction with our audit, tax and advisory functions, can be your trusted business advisor in all aspects of your business. KPMG also allows you to benefit from the skills and knowledge of the global network of KPMG member firms.

We help to reduce risk

No matter what services you require, we provide continued and ongoing access to resources. Issues such as a potential loss of productivity due to illness, absence or departure of employees are taken out of your hands. During our work we maintain strict confidentiality and adhere to applicable legislation.

Accounting and Payroll Services

Our Services

Our Accounting and Payroll service functions offer a broad range of services that can be tailored to suit your particular requirements.

Our Services

Financial Accounting

Our team of experienced accountants, all with an in depth knowledge of International Financial Reporting Standards and General Accounting Principles for small and medium sized entities, are able to provide local and international clients with a wide range of bookkeeping, payroll and tax compliance services. 

Our financial accounting services include statutory financial accounting, preparation of annual reports, financial statements and explanatory notes thereto, preparation of corporate tax  calculations on a value added tax, advisory and corporate services. 

Outsourcing the financial accounting function can be done in whole or in part, and 

is carried out with exactly the right combination of human resources, specialist processes and technology to serve you most effectively. For groups of companies we offer integrated support, including preparation of consolidated financial statements.

As part of our management support services, we can also offer you one or more experienced, highly trained accountants who can temporarily handle accounting tasks be t in the event of a temporary staff shortage or when expert knowledge is required.

Our management reporting services build upon the financial accounting function and are designed to help you extract the information you need from your bookkeeping function.

You can outsource or co-source your financial accounting function and, thanks to our optimal combination of highly trained and qualified human resources, expert technical knowledge and use of technology, increase its effectiveness.

VAT Compliance

Our dedicated, experienced and client-focused teams can help your business with VAT obligations, VAT compliance and VAT recovery. In this regard we provide a wide range of VAT related services including:

  • Development and implementation of planning strategies to reduce VAT costs;
  • Health checks to pinpoint areas of exposure to VAT liabilities and associated penalties;
  • Advice on the VAT treatment of specific transactions;
  • Assistance in the event of inspections and investigations by the VAT authorities.

We can also assist with the preparation and submission of VAT returns, including:

  • Analysis whether the conditions for submission of a VAT refund claim are fulfilled;
  • Preparation of the VAT forms;
  • Optimization of refundable VAT;
  • Collection and review of supporting documentation; and
  • Other administrative services.

VAT can have a major cash flow impact on your business. Strict documentary and procedural rules require knowledge of both the theoretical and practical application of VAT.

Management and Administration

Whether as part of accounting and payroll work, or as an independent task, KPMG supports its clients’ work 

by providing a number of management and administration services. Be it the procurement of finance, document management or process reviews, our professional team helps clients’ operations in a broad range of administrative tasks.

We also provide a wide range of administration support services, including the preparation of payment orders, preparation of travel expense, statistical reporting, invoice preparation procurement of documents and certificates from government entities and the notorization, apostilization and corporate secretarial services, and similar clerical and other administrative/support services.

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