The reality that the industry is facing, and has been for some time, is that skilled individuals are in short supply. This sometimes forces entities to end up with shortages and bottlenecks in the finance functions, or leads management to take on people with lower skillset than is actually required. Moreover, finance functions may encounter instances of under-capacity during specific periods which would not merit the engagement of a full-time employee. There may also be occasions where a shift from lower grade to higher grade input is required at a particular stage of the accounting preparation cycle.

We invest heavily in our employees to ensure that we are able to make available to our clients a pool of skilled individuals with varying grades of experience. This allows us to provide the flexibility that such industry players are looking for.

Secondment engagements serve to alleviate capacity strains on businesses by providing immediate and direct assistance specifically for the duration required. Outsourcing of competent staff to clients on a temporary basis is often utilised in instances:


Where there is the need to fill in a temporary staff shortage within our clients’ finance function.
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When expert knowledge is required.

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To assist in tackling backlog to bring our clients up to speed in their reporting requirements.

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Our varied staff complement and experience working with entities in various different sectors enables us to pair an individual with the right skillset and the right area of expertise for each engagement, to allow for a seamless plug-and-play transition into a business’s finance team and ensure continuity with as little interruption as possible.

Virtual Collaboration

Virtual collaboration extends the concept of secondment by having a service offering which provides a solution to clients that is longer term in nature. This service offering brings together our knowledge and experience, flexibility, and latest technology to provide seamless support to our clients on an ‘as-needed’ basis. It resolves the problem of over-hiring or under-hiring and enables our clients to make use of the right resources they require at a specific point in time.

The aim of co-sourcing and virtual collaboration is to build on the existing resources and infrastructure of an entity’s finance function. Flexibility is key, as your business would have at its disposal a team of accounting professionals with varying levels of experience that is assisting the business’s in-house finance function as and when required, providing support with either general day-to-day accounting tasks or with specific projects being undertaken by the business.

Support can be ramped up or down as your business changes, ensuring you have a scalable accounting solution that is streamlined to the company’s existing requirements. Moreover, this service offering also gives businesses the ability to tackle issues that are technically complex or require specialised knowledge, helping tackle such issues timely and efficiently. 

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