The ‘Retrofit’ scheme finances businesses to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption, lower carbon emissions, and limit energy waste through the retrofitting of private sector buildings.

What can you invest in?

  • This Grant Scheme will support eligible enterprises to undertake actions that reduce the primary energy demand of the building, by reducing the energy used for heating, cooling, ventilation, hot water, and lighting.
  • To be eligible, these actions should lead to a reduction in Primary Energy Demand (PED) of at least 30% compared to the situation prior to the investment.
  • If such a reduction is achieved, the project shall be reimbursed through a Standard Scale of Unit Cost per square metre (refer to funding details below).

Funding details

  • Maximum funding is €5,000,000 per undertaking.
  • The actual amount of aid, established in line with the applicable State aid intensities, shall be paid through a Standard Scale of Unit Cost per square metre, which varies according to the:
    • Targeted reduction in percentage PED;
    • The size of the undertaking; and
    • Whether the investment shall take place in Malta or Gozo.
  • Standard Scale of Unit Cost per Square Metre for investments in Malta range between €130 to €400, whilst for investments in Gozo they range between €170 to €440, depending on the above-mentioned factors.
  • Aid under this scheme will be awarded in accordance with the General Block Exemption Regulation (“GBER”).

Application deadline

Cut off dates are currently available from now until 31 December 2024, subject to availability of funds.

How can we help?

Our team is ready to assist you in understanding how this scheme can best benefit your business and guide you through the application process. We can also support in the project management aspect to ensure smooth implementation, as well as in claiming reimbursement with the Managing Authority.

Next steps

To learn more about how this scheme can support you, or to start your application process, please feel free to get in touch.

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