From the women of KPMG

Welcome to the Global Female Leaders Outlook 2023–24.

Today, we are no longer grappling with a singular crisis; rather, we are navigating a complex web of interconnected challenges, a polycrisis. Businesses need to bolster their resilience against geopolitical and economic uncertainties, as well as the transformative forces of digitalization and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance). While this is a big challenge, the Global Female Leaders are enthusiastic about and up for this formidable task.

Despite shouldering increased responsibilities, they remain optimistic about corporate expansion, societal progress, gender parity, and their own professional aspirations. This resilience in the face of a volatile economic and social backdrop sends a positive message. 

That is why, we wanted to illustrate the significance of the varied experiences, forward-looking insights, unique perspectives, and leadership approaches that women bring through this report. 

As you dive into the thoughts of female leaders presented in this report, you will notice that the findings reflect their confidence in future prospects; the pursuit of equality remains a pivotal element in ongoing transformation endeavors; and diversity is not just a buzzword that companies are trying to catch on. 

We found that despite advancements in promoting diversity, inclusion, and legal structures, considerable hurdles remain. Numerous women still encounter bias, often switch jobs to progress in their careers, are underrepresented in leadership roles, and navigate male-centric networks within organizations.

Overcoming these hurdles is crucial to unleashing the complete potential of equal participation. The report illuminates evolving trends that Global Female Leaders are driving within their companies. They are adjusting digitalization strategies, with a greater focus on employee development rather than technology investments, and they are strengthening cybersecurity measures.

This ability to respond to external changes through internal adjustments indicates a promising enhancement of organizational resilience. Global Female Leaders underline that certain personal qualities are gaining prominence, particularly adaptability and foresight.

The fast-paced advancement of technology, evolving stakeholder demands, compliance requirements, and market disruptions, such as those triggered by geopolitical factors, emphasize the importance of quick response and operational flexibility, while keeping strategic, long-term objectives in mind. 

These qualities resonate strongly with the Global Female Leaders we spoke to, enabling them to proactively assume leadership roles despite the complexities of the current polycrisis. We are thankful to the 839 participants who contributed their insights to this study.

It is our hope that the Global Female Leaders Outlook 2023–24 will offer you fresh perspectives and help foster a deeper recognition of the female leaders’ ability to navigate challenges with resilience and agility.

We trust you will find the read enlightening and enriching!


The Women of KPMG