We can provide a range of accounting advisory services to assist your business.  Our most popular accounting advisory services include:

—   Accounting software solutions implementation

—   Accounting system setup

—   Accounting policy and procedure manual preparation

—   Technical accounting advisory

—   Accounting health-check

—   Accounting documentation preparation training

More information on each of these services is provided below.

Accounting software solutions implementation

We help you identify an accounting software package which is right for your business

We will work with your team to obtain an understanding of your business and your requirements for your accounting system and help you to identify a system which is appropriate for use in your business.

We can also work with your software provider to offer technical inputs during the configuration phase and ensure that the software package is configured appropriately to prepare accounting reports in accordance with the Cambodian accounting regulations as well as to meet your internal business needs and reporting requirements.

Accounting system setup

We provide assistance to develop a chart of accounts and dimensional reporting framework which meets your business’ reporting requirements.

We will work with your team to prepare a suitable chart of accounts and relevant dimensions for your entity. This will include the asset, liability, income, expense and equity accounts, as well as relevant profit and cost centers which are determined to be reasonable for the entity’s business and reporting requirements.

Accounting policy and procedure manual preparation

We can help you develop or formalize internal accounting policies and procedures based on best practice and tailored to your business and its operations.

We will work with your team to obtain an understanding of your business’ operations and existing undocumented accounting policies and procedures (if any) in order to prepare a tailored policy and procedure manual for your entity’s internal use, designed to provide a framework for your staff to follow when undertaking tasks during the course of their day to day work.  The purpose of a policy and procedure manual is to facilitate a standardized approach to the preparation of an entity’s management accounts and supporting documentation and to help mitigate the risk of fraud and error.

Technical accounting advisory

We can provide technical accounting advice for specific accounting issues faced by your business.

Our Accounting team’s strong technical background and hands on experience in Cambodia means that we are well qualified to provide advice on technical accounting issues faced by your business.  We are available to discuss any issues that your business is facing and can tailor a scope of services to provide written advice specifically for your situation.

Accounting health-check

We can undertake a high-level health-check of your enterprise’s historical management accounts to assess the level of accounting compliance of your business.

Our team can perform an accounting health-check of an enterprise’s historical accounting records, aimed at assessing the historical level of compliance of a business.  In cases where we identify high levels of non-compliance or signficiant issues within an entity’s accounting records, we may recommend that the entity undertakes further remedial actions, such as the re-preparation of certain components, or all of its historical accounting records. Note that this service does not constitute a financial statement audit and no assurance opinion is issued.  Instead, it is designed as a tool for an entity’s management to assess their level of compliance and take action accordingly.

Accounting documentation preparation training

We provide training to ensure that your team can prepare accounting documentation that meets the requirements of the Cambodian law.

The Law on Accounting and Auditing includes strict requirements on the preparation and maintenance of accounting documentation.  We offer standard and tailored training packages to train our clients’ administration and accounting staff on how to prepare accounting documentation which meets the requirements of the Law on Accounting and Auditing.  Our training approach aims to provide the Company’s staff with a clear understanding of the requirements of the Law and the practical skills to prepare documentation which is relevant to their enterprise effectively and efficiently.  As part of our training package, we provide standardized document templates for ongoing use by the client’s staff after the training has been completed.