We can provide a range of accounting compliance services to assist your business.  Our services include:

—   Monthly management accounts preparation

—   Annual financial statement preparation

—   Historical accounting projects

—   Accounting staff secondments

More information on each of these services is provided below.

Monthly management accounts preparation

We use our technical knowledge and broad industry experience to prepare your enterprise’s management accounts

We will assist your enterprise to prepare its monthly management accounts in compliance with the accounting laws and regulations in effect in Cambodia.  We offer a premium service to our clients, beyond a basic bookkeeping engagement, by:

—   Spending time to understand the nature of your business and transactions to ensure that all transactions are recorded accurately in accordance with their substance

—   Reconciling all balance sheet accounts on a monthly basis to identify and correct any errors and provide you with full transparency over your business’ financial position each month

—   Preparing monthly reporting packages in a format agreed by your management team, ensuring that you receive the financial information that you require on a timely basis so that you can run your business effectively

—   Always being available for a discussion to support and enhance your understanding of the prepared management accounting reports

Annual financial statement preparation

We can help you to prepare annual unaudited financial statements in accordance with the relevant accounting standards.

The preparation of financial statements requires a thorough understanding of the relevant accounting standards under which they are prepared and can be challenging for enterprises to prepare by themselves due to their technical nature and frequent annual updates to the accounting standards.  Our Accounting team has an in-depth understanding of the prevailing accounting standards in effect in Cambodia (CIFRS and CIFRS for SME) and extensive experience with preparing annual financial statements.  Accordingly, we are well placed to assist you to prepare your enterprise’s annual financial statements in accordance with the Law on Accounting and Auditing.  We offer this service to all enterprises, irrespective of whether we also prepare an enterprise’s management accounts or not.

Historical accounting projects

We help clients who have never prepared management accounts before or who have identified deficiencies in their historical accounting records to prepare or re-prepare management accounts for prior year periods

We understand that many enterprises who have struggled to prepare proper accounting records in the past are now looking to become fully compliant.  As part of this process, it is often necessary for enterprises to prepare or re-prepare their historical management accounts in order to enable them to establish their current financial position and to move forward with confidence. Our team is experienced in assisting enterprises to prepare their historical management accounts based on accounting documentation such as bank statements, cash records, sales invoices, purchase invoices etc. We have a strong understanding of the common issues faced by clients seeking to improve the quality of their historical management accounts. We are therefore well placed to work with clients to address these issues and to enable them to prepare a set of historical management accounts which accurately reflects their business’ past performance and ensures that all assets and liabilities of the enterprise are appropriately captured and carried forward into their current accounting records.

Accounting staff secondments

We can help clients meet short term staff shortages in their accounting departments by supplying temporary staff members to fill the gaps

We understand that recruiting qualified accounting staff in Cambodia can take time and that companies sometimes face difficult periods when their accounting staff are required to take long term leave.  We can second qualified members of staff of different experience levels for periods of between 1 and 6 months directly to your enterprise in order for you to bridge these staffing gaps.  Secondees would work under your direct management and would be wholly committed to your enterprise for the entire duration of the secondment.