Your workforce is the lifeblood of your business.  The success or failure of your business is dependent on the team you build and how you manage it. 

We can assist you in navigating Cambodia’s complex labor law regime to deal with any challenges and to drive your business forward. 

We advise on all employment issues arising in the lifecycle of a company, from initially recruiting your workforce, to establishing key human resources policies, to dealing with labor, terminations, and settling final obligations to your employees in the context of winding up.

At KPMG, we offer employment legal services with local expertise and global experience.


Our services include:

  • Labor contract drafting and negotiations
  • Workforce restructuring and redundancies
  • Advising on the contents of Internal Work Rules and Employee Handbooks to ensure compliance with Cambodian law and attend to subsequent registration with the relevant labor authorities
  • Advising on the procedure to address breaches of labor rules, suspension or termination of employment
  • Advising on establishment and operation of trade unions
  • Labor compliance health check
  • Support during labor inspection
  • Drafting documentation to terminate employees

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