Label Insight: Cloud-based product data platform

Label Insight: Cloud-based product data platform

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Label Insight: Cloud-based product data platform

Label Insight is a key player in the US$2.3 billion product data management market for the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry. As retailers and suppliers face growing consumer demand for clarity around the products they
use and eat, product transparency marks a new frontier for companies looking to gain a competitive advantage.

With more than 250,000 ingredients listed on packaged foods and unclear definitions around natural, organic and non-GMO, the amount of data available to manufacturers, retailers and consumers alike can be overwhelming.   

Label Insight helps retailers and manufacturers quickly and accurately generate product data and translate this data into actionable information. Access to this level of data can help companies improve operational efficiency and reduce costs as well as innovate, differentiate and improve customer satisfaction.

With its index of over 150,000 products and more than 15,000 attributes, Label Insight makes it easy to seamlessly share data across retailers, manufacturers and government agencies. In particular, KPMG member firms’ CPG clients will benefit from Label Insight’s first-to-market SmartSPECTM(TM) solution, which helps food and beverage brands quickly and easily participate in SmartLabel, an initiative led by the Grocery Manufacturers Association and Food Marketing Institute.

For KPMG member firms and their clients, Label Insight will help customers to:

  • comply with government regulations and participate in industry initiatives such as SmartLabel 
  • search and compare product claims, certifications and ingredients
  • integrate product data into mobile and ecommerce applications
  • optimize product assortments to meet customer needs.


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