Opportunities for partners

Opportunities for partners

Do you have cutting-edge technology for data and analytics (D&A)? Does your organization specialize in converting big data to business value? If so, we want to talk to you.

At KPMG Capital, we are seeking acquisitions and strategic partnerships to unlock D&A innovation, take it to market faster and help KPMG firms' clients address their most pressing business challenges. We are especially interested in:

  • organizations that focus on data insights and analytics
  • technology developers and other innovators
  • service providers
  • private-equity firms.

Working together to make companies smarter

As an investment fund for KPMG firms, we are leveraging the KPMG network's global reach and business expertise to take D&A solutions into C-suites around the world. We are investing in big data innovation for critical business issues such as:

  • customer and revenue growth
  • financial transformation and sustainable efficiencies
  • regulation and compliance
  • workforce productivity
  • business flexibility and change management.

Developing new technologies and solutions

Our network of KPMG professionals, together with the KPMG Capital investment team, will assess new developments, test new applications and quickly create proof-of-concept designs to help their clients solve their business challenges.

We look forward to working with you to create new business opportunities in big data. Together, we can help KPMG member firms take innovative solutions to their clients.

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