About KPMG Capital

About KPMG Capital

Today’s fast-changing marketplace is generating more data than ever. And companies are under pressure to harness it, analyze it and turn it into meaningful insights — more quickly than their competitors.

But even though many companies see data and analytics (D&A) as a strategic business priority, most struggle to do it effectively. They are challenged in determining which data to collect, answering the right questions and getting value from their analytics.

Introducing KPMG Capital

As an investment vehicle for KPMG member firms, KPMG Capital is seeking cutting-edge technology, strategic partnerships, acquisitions and top talent. At KPMG Capital, we are working to:

  • Accelerate innovation through data and analytics partnerships. With funding from KPMG member firms, we are using our unique structure to seize the best D&A opportunities so KPMG firms can respond to clients’ needs faster.
  • Tapping the world’s best thinking in big data. We are investing in the most advanced D&A capabilities to help KPMG member firms’ clients unlock the value of their data and make smarter decisions.

We want to talk to you

Whether you are seeking business insights from big data — or seeking an investment partner for your data and analytics technology — we want to talk to you. Please read more about what we do. Then contact us to discuss a new future in data and analytics.

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