This entails helping companies integrate tax planning into business operations to help maximize growth opportunities, minimize expenses and risk, enhance return on investment, and drive efficiencies across operations.

Detailed description

Value chain management services can help ensure that a company integrates tax considerations into business process changes to improve the operational efficiency and facilitate effective tax management. It helps MNEs realign their functions, assets and risks with such changes in the supply chain, thereby helping to foster a reduction in the effective tax rate. The strategy is tailored to the specifics of the MNE’s business, allowing the flexibility of change at any particular time.

Leveraging with the GTPS network, KPMG in India adopts a multidisciplinary approach, wherein our tax and business advisory professionals provide coordinated services. Drawing upon our global tax knowledge, industry experience, and cross-functional approach, we bring a keen understanding of the tax and TP issues that might affect a multinational organisation and the ability to help shape the supply chain to meet the total business objectives. The team includes economists and industry specialists who can provide innovative and well-defined strategies for each function in the supply chain.