This entails providing assistance in complying with local and global documentation requirements and establishing a credible line of protection. We can assist in placing the company in an advantageous position to respond to subsequent fiscal authority challenges in multiple jurisdictions. We can help the company achieve this position either by assisting it in the preparation of requisite documentation and/or by reviewing the existing documentation.

Detailed description

Fiscal authorities worldwide are increasing their vigilance in defending their national tax bases with stringent TP regimes. KPMG in India’s GTPS team can help you across jurisdictions to meet your global documentation and compliance needs in the following ways:

  • Provide assistance in preparing core documentation that can be used globally and give guidance when additional documentation is required in a particular country. This method helps attain consistency in discussions and approach and helps reduce the overall costs of compliance
  • KPMG’s GTPS professionals are familiar with the various approaches tax authorities worldwide typically adopt while reviewing TP documentation
  • KPMG’s well connected global network of professionals provides specialised inputs from the respective local jurisdictions to assist in adhering to global documentation requirements.