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Challenges of tax/finance function

  • Large volume of around 50,000+ airline invoices required to be processed from a GST input tax credit claim perspective
  • Non-availability of standard purchase register containing GST for such travel/flight expenses for 2B based reconciled ITC claim
  • Manual collation and spreadsheet based GST data created from airline invoice copies manually
  • Tedious, time and resource consuming process with probability of manual data entry errors while collation
  • Flight Expenses/Airline Invoices GST input credit was taken basis only GSTR-2B data.

How our tech enabled managed services addressed the challenges?

  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology implemented to prepare GST relevant purchase register from 30+ different airline invoice pdf copies
  • Airline Invoices accessed via email/ file transfers in batches are auto-extracted and RPA applied thereon reducing manual intervention
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology applied for creation of purchase register in reduced time with GST input tax credit relevant details (more than 1,000 processed in less than ten minutes)
  • Output digital register customised for direct use in carrying out GSTR-2B reconciliation on GST compliance platform.


  • Automation enabled elimination of manual, time-consuming and cumbersome repetitive activities of creating GST ITC claim register for Airline Expenses
  • Automated digital register was now made available for business to claim GST input credit and that too after reconciliation with GSTR-2B
  • Automation allowed the company to free up business time/resources and focus on other strategic areas.

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