The metals and mining sector continues to play an important and critical role in the robust growth of global economies. But the threat and risk posed by climate change, social and governance challenges needs the sector to play a decisive role and take bold action steps to deliver operational efficiencies and disruptive changes for sustainable growth and to achieve net zero aspirations.

As developing countries modernise quickly and as some industries, such as solar photovoltaics (PV), electric cars, and batteries gain traction, there is a growing need for various metals and minerals globally. Given the quantum of supply of raw materials required to develop these emerging industries, metals and mining sector will be essential to the energy transition. At the same time, this sector is highly carbon intensive and energy intensive. Companies need to grow while reducing their emissions. So, there is no tradeoff between growth and ESG/decarbonisation and institutionalising ESG is a must in metals and mining corporate strategy.

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