ENRich is KPMG’s flagship annual Energy and Natural Resources (ENR) Conclave. Over the last decade and half, ENRich has evolved into a premier platform for ENR professionals to discuss and suggest innovative solutions to help build a sustainable and inclusive energy future. The Conclave has brought together stakeholders to share insights and deliberate on several topics such as energy security, sustainability, digital transformation, green financing and decarbonising the energy sector and several other relevant themes. The emergent solutions have been subsequently shared with policy makers and sector professionals.

The 14th Edition of ENRich will focus on ‘Growing with less’. In a world characterised by increasing populations, dwindling resources, and environmental concerns, the concept of “Growing with less” has emerged as a powerful approach. It embraces the notion of sustainable development, urging individuals, communities, and nations to find innovative ways to thrive while minimising their impact on the planet. It subsumes numerous concepts like energy efficiency, development of smart grids and energy storage solutions, renewable energy sources, transition from centralised energy systems to decentralised and community-based models, etc., while keeping focus on the necessity of growth, particularly in emerging nations where large swathes of the population are just coming out of poverty.

ENRich 2023 will be a two-day event on 10 and 11 October 2023. It will kickstart with the ‘Innovation Summit’ on 10 October followed by the ‘Conclave’ on 11 October. The Innovation Summit will feature the Leaders 2050 Conclave, CEO roundtable on innovation, Young Innovators Fireside Chat followed by the Start-up Awards. Day 2 would feature high-powered panels and fireside chats featuring global speakers and panelists.

The Conclave will prominently feature KPMG’s sector capabilities, innovation and digital prowess and the vision of a sustainable future through this uniquely curated event. We will also host an immersive Innovation Lounge featuring metaverse experiences on energy transition and more. The ENRich 2023 start-up awards and the associated awards will explore in depth how the innovation ecosystem can become more expansive and impactful in addressing the energy and sustainability challenges.


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ENRich 2023 startup search

Looking for innovators in the ENR sector who are solving the challenge of “Growing with Less”.

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Energy and Natural Resources

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Leaders 2050

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