• Subhro Bhattacharya, Associate Partner |
2 min read

A skilled project manager understands the importance of managing stakeholder expectations to ensure project success. In this blog, we explore how a strong project manager recognises the significance of stakeholder networks and caters to their diverse requirements, leading to overall project success.

Project financiers are focused on the project's financial performance and the expected return on investment. A competent project manager must closely monitor the project's financial health by implementing robust cost management strategies and ensuring optimum resource utilisation. Continuously reviewing key performance indicators, such as earned value and gross profit margin, enables the project manager to provide assurance to their financiers that their investments are on track.

Employing effective cost management strategies, such as monitoring expenses and identifying cost-saving opportunities, help the project manager to ensure that the project stays within budgetary constraints while delivering the desired outcomes.

Supporting the project team and ensuring their productivity and satisfaction is another key aspect of stakeholder management. Focusing on billable utilisation enables the project manager to track the team's contribution to revenue generation. Additionally, the project manager must facilitate a positive work environment and provide opportunities for adequate training and research to complement the team's efforts. The project manager can foster team satisfaction and enhance overall project performance by timely addressing such needs and concerns.

Ultimately, customer satisfaction is paramount to project success. A proficient project manager must understand and incorporate customer expectations into the project plan. Regular communication and feedback loops with the customer are essential to ensure alignments.

A project manager's ability to effectively manage the expectations of different stakeholders plays a pivotal role in a project’s success. This is achieved by aligning the interests of financiers, the management, the project team and customers with overall project objectives.