Trade & Customs

Trade & Customs

KPMG's Trade & customs professionals address intricate cross-border issues, drawing upon the local knowledge and experience of a network.

KPMG's Trade & customs professionals address intricate cross-border issues, drawing...

KPMG’s extensive Trade & Customs (T&C) experience and network of over 400 professionals in 80 countries can help companies identify cost-savings opportunities around the world and manage compliance risks associated with supply chains and global trade operations.

We work with clients to deliver value and efficiency for their business, including:

  • establishing and maintaining efficient cross-border operations keeping costs down to maintain strategic advantage
  • ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations associated with cross-border trade
  • customizing trade processes and controls to a business unit, company, or industry
  • mitigating risk issues related to conducting cross-border business.

Our T&C professionals

KPMG T&C professionals include former officials from customs and export authorities around the world; industry professionals, customs brokers, certified export and customs specialists; professionals with advanced degrees in business, economics, and law; and experienced trade technologists.

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