Licensing and pricing

Licensing and pricing

Accounting Research Online subscriptions are available for International, United States, or United Kingdom content.

Prices are subject to change without notice and certain restrictions may apply.

Content Concurrent user license fee ($US)
All 2,550
International    600
United Kingdom    300
United States 1,650


KPMG’s Accounting Research Online is licensed based on concurrent (simultaneous) users. More than one user may be registered to use KPMG’s Accounting Research Online under a single license. However, for each purchased license no more than one user may access the product at a time.

For example, if a single license were purchased for 9 individuals within the organization, only one person at a time could access the product. If two licenses were purchased, then two people could access the product at the same time and up to 18 users could be registered.

Members of other accounting firms are not eligible to subscribe to KPMG's Accounting Research Online.

Download Fact Sheet on Accounting Research Online.

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