KPMG in Croatia leaders

Our management and partners are responsible for the company's strategy and its implementation. They regularly assess essential areas such as operational and financial performance, annual business plans and budgets, business proposals or risk management procedures.KPMG in Croatia has got 9 partners led by Senior Partner Goran Horvat.

  • Simon Collins
    United Kingdom


Goran Horvat - Senior Partner, Audit & Advisory Services

Daniel Radić - Partner, Advisory Services

Joško Džida - Partner, Audit Services

Tony Ilijanić - Partner, Audit Services

Paul Suchar - Partner, Tax, Regulatory & Bookkeeping

Domagoj Hrkać - Partner, Audit Services

Vedran Vukotić - Partner, Audit Services

Katarina Kecko - Partner, Audit Services

Igor Gošek - Partner, Audit Services

Danijel Lenardić - Partner, Audit Services

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