It is evident that attackers will maintain an edge over your defences with the recent increase in zero-day vulnerabilities, so it is essential that you have a resilient approach to coping with cyber-attacks, especially events that disrupt business services and force a company-wide response.

This is true on a company level as well as on a more granular level where it is important to be prepared in case important businesses processes or systems are compromised. We have the relevant tools to prepare your important processes, systems, and assets for such risk events.

Cyber Incident Playbook development

We can assist with the creation and development of technical playbooks on a per application, technology, or scenario basis by:

Advising on leading practices and industry standards.

Providing standardised templates.

Maintaining an open dialogue to support with playbook development.

Ensuring decisions on response plans and playbooks are documented.

Incident response readiness and planning

We assist you in improving incident readiness and response capabilities. So, in the event a security incident does occur, your organisation is well-prepared to respond in a timely and effective manner.

KPMG can engage with the business and stakeholders to perform simulated attacks which help to assess how well the business handles and responds to an incident, as well as identify any skill or performance gaps that need addressing.

Our team identifies root causes and restores services quickly. We enable you to take the right action through forensic investigations, threat intelligence and crisis management. In order to disrupt the attack and minimise the reoccurrence, we will assess your control maturity against your risk appetite and design a longer-term remediation plan based on your cyber posture.

Our cyber experts will also assist you in developing and testing effective incident response and broader cyber services as part of the draw down.

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