The smartest businesses don’t just manage cyber risk, they use it to grow and gain a market edge. 

To transform your organisation for tomorrow, you will need to anticipate risks, move fast and sharpen your tools and strategies. This requires a keen eye for new and emerging threats, a honed mind for robust defense plans and a strategic shift from reactive to proactive security.

We empower enterprises to create a resilient and trusted digital world, even in the face of evolving threats. We bring a combination of technological expertise, deep business knowledge and insightful professionals who are passionate about protecting, empowering and growing your business.

Together, we create a trusted digital world so you can push the limits of what’s possible.

Below you can read more about our services which covers business continuity management, BIA & recovery, cyber incident responseidentity and access management, cyber and information security governance and information security management system (ISMS).

Cyber Considerations 2023

Our future is dependent on data and digital infrastructure. We now have a complex tapestry of public-private partnerships, connected ecosystems and information infrastructures. As the degree of interconnectedness and dependency increases, so does the interest from those looking to attack and exploit those infrastructures.

Breakthrough technologies also pose new security, privacy and ethical challenges and raise fundamental questions about trust in digital systems. This is the environment in which global commerce needs to thrive, and we need to address concerns now as we innovate, not retrospectively when it's too late.

Our annual Cybersecurity considerations report identifies eight considerations that CISOs should prioritise in the year ahead as they seek to accelerate recovery times, reduce the impact of incidents on employees, customers and partners and aim to ensure their security plans enable — rather than expose — the business. The report also explores the key actions CISOs should take to meet the challenges ahead and to help ensure security is the organisation's golden thread, woven into the business across the board — providing the basis for trust.

Download the report here

How can we help?

We have expertise across the continuum — from the boardroom to the data center. In addition to assessing your cyber security and aligning it to your business priorities, we help you develop advanced solutions, implement them, monitor ongoing risks and help you respond effectively to cyber incidents. So no matter where you are on the cyber security journey, KPMG can help you reach the destination.