In today’s financial climate, there is a premium on robust financial analysis when carrying out business deals – error margins are thinner and investors and lenders do not look lightly upon poor decision-making and execution. Under these circumstances, financial due diligence and timely professional advice enhance the quality of decisions buyers and sellers must take.

We offer financial due diligence services – both from a buy side financial and a vendor due diligence perspective – to help you realise the results you and your stakeholders desire. We do so with a forward-thinking approach to deal planning, execution and integration.

The concept of our financial due diligence process is a detailed and systematic analysis of data from the target company in order to obtain an overall picture of the company in connection with the corporate deal. In particular, we put an emphasis on identification and assessment of risks and opportunities when looking at assets, liabilities, financial position and results of the target company.

Turn to us for deal advice on managing risks, taking advantage of opportunities and achieving your desired business results.

Info: Vendor due diligence

In recent years, it has become more common for sellers to initiate a financial due diligence (vendor due diligence or VDD) of the company as part of the preparation for the sale process. Once the vendor presents the VDD report to the buyer, the buyer is required to carry out only limited additional due diligence. This saves, among other things, time and costs in a sales process where there are several potential buyers.

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