Does your organisation have complicated and administrative-heavy processes? Or have you ever been on ITSM training and felt you didn’t get the practical value out of it?

In the fast-paced world of corporate dynamics, efficiency is the key to success. Organisations often grapple with the challenge of implementing effective IT Service Management (ITSM) processes that strike the right balance between practicality, holistic overview and industry standards.  

FitSM is a back-to-basic approach to service management that breaks free from the clutches of heavy, cumbersome processes, offering a streamlined solution that is as practical as it is powerful. FitSM is THE free and lightweight standards family, offering a solution for organisations seeking effective ITSM. 

Why invest in training and certification in ITSM?

1. Create a common language across internal and external service providers for basic IT support and operation process

2. Build capabilities to manage and improve IT processes

3. Align on a Customer centric approach, where the IT organisation focuses on the needs and expectations of the service consumers

FitSM training and certification redefine the landscape by:

  • Enabling organisations to take the first step towards implementing a comprehensive, yet operational, set of IT Service Management processes.
  • Providing a concise, lightweight and achievable ITSM standard that enhances an organisation's provision of IT services.
  • Providing Open Source documentation of the process model and requirements
  • A quicker and cheaper training and certification than other ITSM Best practice frameworks
  • Assisting organisations in applying effective ITSM processes in federated environments, where services are managed collaboratively in various business / legal entities.
  • Implementing the foundations of effective ITSM processes in scenarios where detailed processes prescribed by other frameworks are not necessary.

The main goals of FitSM are to:

  • Provide solutions efficiently implementable in organisations ranging from SMEs and start-ups to large enterprises.

  • Define a baseline of achievable ITSM effectiveness that is both achievable and expandable based on organisational needs.

  • Create clear, pragmatic, lightweight and achievable standards that allow for effective IT service management.

  • Offer a version of ITSM that is more accessible for a wider range of environments, including federated scenarios.

Get your FitSM certification with KPMG and APMG International

At KPMG, we have teamed up with APMG International who offers certification in FitSM. Our three ITSM experts Mats Berger, Erik Bartholdy and Lars Kristian Larsen will teach at the courses which are relevant for IT service providers of any type and scale. 

By participating in the course, your organisation will benefit from a deeper understanding, explanations and insights that come with being taught and certified by our experts. Allowing your team members to take the course and gain the certification all together will also provide them with a shared understanding of FitSM, as well as tackle concrete scenarios that benefit from FitSM’s best practice.

On 24 January 2024, we will be hosting a webinar where you can get deeper insight into FitSM. Here we will be joined by Dovista - a company we have assisted in adopting FitSM as a simple and practical framework for their ITSM journey. Sign up here. When signing up, you will also be signed up to APMG's newsletter which will keep you updated on the upcoming courses.

Lars Kristian Larsen, Mats Berger and Erik Bartholdy