Global ESG and sustainability landscape for taxes, incentives and grants

As governments around the world attempt to influence the behaviours and investment decisions of businesses to combat global warming, we are witnessing the development and introduction of new ESG-related taxes, incentives, and grants. Companies must not only comply with existing and new regulations, but should seek to leverage the relevant incentives and grants that are available to them. 

KPMG has therefore made an ESG Tax Tracker public, which provides insight into the global ESG landscape regarding environmental taxes, incentives and government grants.

KPMG ESG Tax Tracker

Our ESG Tax Tracker is not only an overview of the existing legislation in over 40 countries, but it is also a tool that covers information on upcoming regulation that is under consideration by governments across the globe. The ESG Tax Tracker, which is regularly updated, is based on our global ESG Regulatory Database and leverages off our global network and ESG specialists.

Let us help you understand and monitor regulatory developments, and assess new opportunities and obligations that may apply to your business.

Taxes, incentives and grants are only included in our tracker if applicable in six or more jurisdictions. The KPMG ESG Tax Tracker contains high level information that is subject to change and has been compiled to the best knowledge and with the best efforts of KPMG professionals. Please note that legislation is currently changing rapidly, which means that certain information may be outdated. Read the original article here.

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