Webinar: The future HRIT!

This webinar aims to give you an in-depth understanding of different HRIT solutions, and what they can offer just you

This webinar aims to give you an in-depth understanding of different HRIT solutions

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Digitisation of processes and tasks is high on the priority list at many companies, and even though your HR department exists to deal with people, it is no exception. HR needs the valuable knowledge and insight that data and technology can generate, more than ever before.


HR has become increasingly complex over the years, especially with growing remote work, where the workforce can be located anywhere around the world. To meet the new conditions, all companies should consider how they best and most efficiently can streamline their HR processes, and at the same time organise and deliver the best user experience to all their employees – to have the right HRIT system is here essential.

Today, there are many providers of HRIT systems, and for this reason, it can be a huge challenge to choose between them. This webinar, therefore, gives you a unique opportunity to gain valuable insight into some of the best HRIT solutions on the market and what the different suppliers can offer you!

In addition, the webinar will, via a panel discussion, highlight interesting areas such as; How HR technology can meet the challenges of the "new" world, and how HRIT suppliers believe the technology will evolve in the future?

You will meet experts from the HRIT suppliers: CatalystOne (Kenneth Havndrup), Sympa (Simone Thorborg og Simon Pedersen) and Talentsoft (David Van Der Put and Mark Peitersen).


In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Three different HRIT solutions and how their solutions can meet your needs now and in the future.
  • Industry experts' perspective on how to meet the challenges of the post-pandemic using HRIT 
  • Industry experts' perspective on how they see the HRIT field evolving in the future (HRIS trends)


The webinar is aimed at all HR professionals who want in-depth insight into what is happening in the field of HRIT. This webinar is aimed specifically at HR professionals who are currently considering or are in the process of replacing their existing HRIT system, hence there is a need to either understand or expand their existing knowledge within HRIT.

Practical information

Date and time: Thursday the 10th of November 2022 from 10:00-11:30

Registration: Sign up via this link

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to KPMG events.


10.02 – 10.10 Presentation from KPMG (OA) and short presentation from HR IT suppliers.
Vært: Nikoline Kjargaard, KPMG

10.10 – 10.25 Talentsoft presentation of their product
Speaker: David Van Der Put, Cegid Talentsoft

10.25 – 10.40 Sympa presentation of their product
Speaker: Simon Pedersen, Sympa

10.40 – 10.55 CatalystOne presentation of their product
Speaker: Kenneth Havndrup, CatalystOne

10.55 – 11.25 Paneldiscussion
                Kenneth Havndrup, CatalystOne
                Mark Peitersen, Talentsoft

11.25 – 11.30 Thank you for today

About our speakers

Kenneth Havndrup has worked at CatalysOne for almost 5 years. He has been within HR & IT for more than 20 years and has a broad experience and deep understanding of aspects of developing, implementing, and optimizing HR systems, processes, and data flows according to business objectives and value creation. In CatalystOne Kenneth has concrete experience in project planning and implementation as a project manager and consultant. He also had the responsibility for our Customer Success activities in Denmark and alongside he has contributed to the sales process with business and solution descriptions and demos for potential customers.


Simone Thorborg (Sympa) has been working at Sympa for 6 months. She comes with a background in HR and payroll in multinational companies, where she has gained experience in all stages of the HRM cycle over the past 10 years. She has also been responsible for the implementation of major HRIT projects in her HR roles, and understands the importance of automating and streamlining processes to minimize administration and errors. In her role as Implementation Consultant at Sympa, she works closely with the customer to ensure the best possible onboarding of the customer's customized Sympa solution.


Simon Pedersen (Sympa) has more than +7 years of experience with implementation, support and sales within IT solutions to various companies and has for the past 2 years been with Sympa, which offers complex HR solutions. With a good understanding of the needs of companies, he is looking forward to presenting how Sympa today helps more companies.

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