Quantum technology has an enormous potential and will most likely change the way we work with technology. The emergence of quantum technology can, however, also negatively affect our cyber security landscape, which will then lead to rising cyber security threats towards companies and authorities.

In collaboration with The Niels Bohr Institute, DTU Physics, DTU Electro, KMD, IBM, Danish Chamber of Commerce and The Danish ICT Industry Association, we have therefore launced a joint research project to investigate the threat and indicate possible actions for the companies at risk, but also for further research and political actions.

In the future, quantum computers may be able to break our standard encryption algorithms in a matter of minutes -  and the process of migrating from today’s encryption schemes to quantum resistant schemes is not straightforward. It will take time and effort, and it will require additional research, standardization, and commercialization of solutions: this is why it is imperative to start now.

You can already now learn more about the problem and how it affects companies in the report, Quantum-related Cybersecurity in Denmark, which can be downloaded below.

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