KPMG's internship programme is a 3–6-month programme depending on your education. The focus of the internship programme is to give you the best opportunity to first-hand experience the auditing industry and discover the life of an auditor. 

The internships programme starts with one month as a student assistant at KPMG before the official internship period starts. Starting as a student assistant allows you to meet your mentor and teams, gain insights into the way we work at KPMG and participate in the mandatory training. It also gives you the time to complete your exams that are part of your education.

It is our ambition to show our interns the many opportunities you have when working as an auditor at KPMG. The internship programme will be developed in close collaboration with your school to ensure the required learning objectives are met.

Why choose our internship programme?

Our internship programme allows for the possibility to become an auditor at KPMG. During the internship, you will have three sessions with your mentor to discuss your development, experiences and feedback. We believe ongoing feedback is important for effective learning and a good future collaboration.

The internship is concluded with a conversation between the intern and KPMG about the potential opportunity to continue the collaboration. An example of a continued collaboration is to join the Audit Trainee Programme after graduation. You can read more about our trainee programme below.

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