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Our KPMG Sustainability Services team provides clients with support from consultants and auditors in business challenges surrounding sustainable development. We cover a variety of different areas: from assessing climate risks to observing human rights due diligence obligations to rethinking business models based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our strength is developing strategic sustainability approaches and implementing them in an operational setting. As a centre of competence for ecological, social and technical-economic issues, we solve the problems of our time and create certainty for decision-makers.

Our portfolio includes professional auditing and consulting services surrounding CSR and sustainability:

  • Audit of non-financial reports and sustainability reports
  • Integration of CSR and sustainability into governance systems - risk management, internal control system, compliance management system, internal auditing
  • Impact measurement and assessment: KPMG True Value
  • ESG (environmental, social, governance) due diligence for corporate transactions
  • Human rights & social compliance
  • Climate (risk) management and reporting according to TCFD
  • Sustainable finance
  • Sustainable business model innovation
  • Sustainability strategy and portfolio integration
  • New technologies for the energy transition
  • Implementation and certification of management systems for the environment, energy and occupational health and safety
  • Technical audits (e.g. EU-ETS, energy audits)
  • Sustainable supply chain