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Corporate purchases, sales, mergers, and partnerships help business entities achieve their growth goals faster. Organic growth without such transactions, on the other hand, often hits a wall.

The acquisition of business entities can contribute to profitable growth in a variety of ways, such as through access to new markets and customers, sales forms, knowledge and skills, as well as by improving operational structures and processes, and by creating synergies and improving costs.

The split-off and sale of strategically unnecessary business units can also lead to a refocussing of the seller’s strategy and capital allocation on the core business and therefore provide a decisive value contribution for the owners.

However, successfully implementing M&A transactions and achieving the expected potentials is a challenge where many of these types of projects fail or at least fall short of their originally set goals.

KPMG’s strategy consultants assist you with their many years of experience and expertise at all stages of the process before, during and after a transaction.

We think and act like entrepreneurs, critically question the rationale of a planned M&A transaction and act as your partner for the successful implementation of the transaction until the last day.

Our approach focuses on answering the following questions:

  • How can the target company contribute to sustainable growth?
  • What strategic direction should our business entity take for the acquisition?
  • Did we really know everything about the target company at all levels (e.g. value creation structure, processes, skills)?
  • How valuable is the target company’s customer base?
  • Where are there customer overlaps?
  • Are the existing distribution channels profitable?
  • Which synergy potentials are realistic, and by when can they be achieved?
  • What challenges does one face when acquiring and integrating the target company?
  • What costs can this incur?

In addition to the “one-stop-shop” support for our clients offered by the KPMG Deal Advisory Team, starting with the search for acquisition candidates, the approach to possible M&A candidates, and in-depth, cross-functional due diligence, we advise our clients on the fundamental success factors involved with an M&A transaction:

  • Commercial due diligence
  • Integration support and the creation of joint ventures and partnerships
  • Separation and carve-out of business units

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