The conversion to SAP S/4HANA is more than just an IT project. Therefore, the question arises at the beginning which strategic, economic and organisational goals in the company should be associated with the introduction of the new S/4HANA system in order to position the company for the future.

In doing so, every company should ask itself these questions, among others, before the transformation and implementation:

  • What demands will be placed on our ERP system and processes in five to ten years?
  • Can today's solutions be further developed to meet the challenges of tomorrow?
  • Do I want to reorganise the processes in the company in the course of changing the system, or should only disruptive factors be eliminated? Which functionalities and licences do we need accordingly?
  • How do I convince my organisation of the goals of the transformation? How can management motivate all employees to get the best out of the project?
  • How do I keep the risks on the path of transformation as low as possible?

The introduction of SAP S/4HANA affects all areas and processes in the company. Therefore, all departments should engage with the new SAP system and the entire project for an ideal start to the digital transformation.