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Cyber attacks on corporate IT infrastructures are no longer an exception, but an omnipresent risk. The German economy suffers considerable damage as a result - since 2011, the number of daily cyber attacks has increased more than fivefold. Encryption Trojans such as Wannacry, NotPetya and Emotet, for example, are malware used to attack and extort companies and authorities on a large scale. But overload attacks (DDoS), data theft, sabotage and manipulation of data are also evidently the order of the day.

Modern companies integrate "cyber security" holistically into their corporate strategy and address the three dimensions of prevention, detection and reaction in equal proportions.

To protect against cyber-attacks, preventive measures should be established as early as possible and preparations made for emergencies. KPMG advises you on the conception and implementation of measures to be able to react skilfully and decisively to cyber attacks. In the event of an emergency, our IT and cyber forensics experts support you in the timely and effective containment of the incident and in crisis management. Any damage can thus be effectively minimised.

The KPMG team of experienced cyber incident response specialists, represented at six locations across Germany, supports your company with a holistic incident response to quickly contain the attack, forensic system analysis, defence against the attackers and the restoration of regular business operations. But we are also there for you internationally.

We are there for you around the clock: 

KPMG Forensic Emergency Hotline: 0800 SOS KPMG (0800 767 5764).

Email: de-sos@kpmg.com