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Corporate functions are under more cost pressure and increasing demands than ever before. It is particularly a matter of keeping pace with the complex and rapidly changing external factors (e.g. regulations, legislation) in order to minimise business and liability risks. New efficiency potentials from digitalisation require large investments. The range of responsibilities of employees is growing ever wider, and at the same time, available skilled workers are becoming scarcer on the market.

In order to take the pressure of these challenges off business entities, KPMG has developed managed service solutions that specifically address these responsibilities.


Our managed service offerings are designed to be interdisciplinary. Thus, you benefit from our expertise from all relevant perspectives. We thus ensure that functional knowledge, process know-how and industry experience are complemented by legal, tax and regulatory elements. Combined with a powerful IT back end and our market-leading data analytics components, we increase the overall value proposition of the function for you.


Our managed services are based on standardised procedures and processes that are already largely automated and digitised. In this way, we are able to take over functions at a reasonable price for you. And at the same time, we have already taken a significant part of your digitisation investment off your shoulders. You safely outsource your work packages as we continuously develop our operating models through security, control and quality routines in an audit-proof manner. 


Our managed service solutions are highly modular. This allows us to offer comprehensive functional solutions as well as to fully serve individual aspects. Our engagements range from short- and medium-term transitional solutions to incubation models and long-term outsourcing based on common co-sourcing and outsourcing models. With our adaptive collaboration models based on this, we ensure that we can work effectively, in partnership and individually with the customer without jeopardising the standardisation effects in service creation. Commercially, we adapt to your requirements in terms of planning and flexibility of costs. We also offer individual modules as pay-per-use solutions.