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A standard for innovation?

What sounds like a contradiction at first glance turns out to be an important basis for efficient and effective innovation management in corporate practice. By being able to structure and channel innovation activities throughout the whole organisation, there are many opportunities to achieve strategic goals faster (and better). 

What is the ISO 56002 standard?

Creativity, flexibility and non-conformity: Different factors favour the generation of innovations in business entities. Structures, orders and rules, on the other hand, are not generally associated with greater innovativeness. This makes it difficult for many decision-makers to promote innovations in a targeted manner and to make innovation success measurable. 

Innovation management systems can help to resolve this apparent conflict of goals. In this context, a structured and measurable framework acts as a lever to make creative approaches even more usable and thereby sustainably increase innovation success - innovation success that can be seen as a necessary prerequisite for the long-term competitiveness of a business entity.

ISO 56002 setup

Under the aegis of the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), ISO 56002 is a global framework that helps to understand the context of the organisation, secure top management support, identify drivers for innovation and apply innovation processes.

For a successful setup of your innovation management system, we support you with the following approach:

KPMG ISO 56002 approach

Does measurable and targeted sound good to you?

For us too! In projects, we are often asked how to innovate more consistently and with less risk, and how to experiment more cost-effectively. A structured innovation management system offers you this opportunity and helps you to be permanently successful, innovative and future-proof despite constant change and increasing competitive pressure.

We support you and your organisation at every stage, including the analysis of existing innovation activities, the definition of goals and processes, planning and conception, implementation, and every step in between. 

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