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The Challenge

To achieve your goals for a sustainable business, supply chain transformation belongs at the top of the management agenda. When making the necessary adjustments to supply chains, also for geopolitical reasons, be sure to take ESG aspects into account. 

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How we support you in building a sustainable supply chain

Our supply chain and procurement team helps you improve the sustainability of your business operations. We provide pioneering solutions for sustainable supply chain management - using leading digital solutions and tools.

  • Understand the risks and opportunities: Our supply chain sustainability assessment enables you to transparently present, assess, monitor and manage your supply chain risks - and seize opportunities.
  • Identify human rights risks and due diligence obligations: We provide you with a clear picture of the human rights risks associated with your business operations and value chain. This enables you to effectively monitor, manage and report on human rights issues, as well as audit compliance and make adjustments where necessary.
  • Accelerate the decarbonisation of your supply chain: We support you in identifying activities with excessive emissions within your supply chain so that you can identify and prioritise the right decarbonisation measures. We also help you empower your suppliers to implement these measures effectively. In addition, we audit your procurement activities.
  • Make sustainability in procurement a matter of course: We support you in integrating ethical and sustainable thinking into your daily operations so that it becomes a matter of course in your business unit but also in the supply chain.
  • Promote supplier inclusion and diversity: We support you in establishing supplier diversity programmes, setting targets and objectives, developing implementation strategies and implementing a management framework that enables effective monitoring, evaluation and governance.

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