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Infrastructure is the basis for a successful energy transition. It enables trade and economic growth, drives urban regeneration as well as digital transformation - and can promote social justice. However, this requires optimal planning, promotion, development and operation. At the same time, environmental, geopolitical and economic challenges must be overcome.

We therefore support infrastructure operators and decision-makers in recognising and anticipating current uncertainties as well as opportunities. Once again this year, we have identified ten important developments in the field in our "Emerging trends in infrastructure" report:

Trend 1: Change should be fair
In future, the topics of fair distribution and sustainability will be much more in focus.

Trend 2: Defying the polycrisis
We assume that investors and infrastructure planners will find ways to operate successfully despite numerous global uncertainties.

Trend 3: Rise of philanthropic capital
Philanthropic investors are increasingly focussing on infrastructure development, particularly in emerging markets.

Trend 4: Infrastructure must become more flexible
The appeal of city centres is waning. Infrastructure concepts should be planned in a sustainable, holistic and flexible manner.    

Trend 5: Further innovations expected quickly
The current rapid pace of new technologies will continue in the future, particularly in the energy and urban infrastructure sectors.

Trend 6: Decarbonisation picks up speed
Regulations, but also investors and consumers, are increasing the pressure to reduce emissions.

Trend 7: New risks require new regulations
Regulatory authorities are responding to new climate and cyber risks.

Trend 8: Building with nature
Biological building materials are more effective, more sustainable and cheaper - and could increasingly replace concrete.

Trend 9: Cooperation instead of protectionism
Sustainable growth cannot be achieved through economic protectionism. Decisive players should focus on co-operation.

Trend 10: Increase adaptability
Governments and infrastructure planners should react flexibly to new technological innovations.

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