Executive Summary

The majority of respondents see little need for action to improve sustainability along the three ESG dimensions. However, this self-image is somewhat deceptive. Our study shows that many TMT companies still have a need for action in many ESG areas.

The greatest need for action was identified in the environmental dimension. At the same time, many respondents stated that they had already made significant improvements in energy efficiency and resource consumption in the last two years.

Although the majority of respondents have defined sustainability targets for the three ESG dimensions, only a third also have corresponding key figures. Many TMT companies are therefore unable to measure the achievement of their targets.

The majority of TMT companies do not provide the public with sufficient information about their ESG activities. Comprehensive reporting along the three ESG dimensions has only been practised by a minority to date.

European ESG regulations such as the EU Taxonomy and CSRD are only categorised as relevant by a minority of TMT companies. The Climate Protection Act and the Supply Chain Duty of Care Act receive significantly more attention.

Download industry reports

In order to paint a clearer picture for the sectors, we have published three separate reports in which the survey results are analysed in detail per sub-sector and enriched with recommendations for action. The reports can be read individually, but also side by side to recognise similarities and differences between the three TMT sectors.

We wish all readers an interesting read.