Sustainability has arrived in the TMT sectors. Many TMT companies have taken measures in recent years and have been able to improve in important ESG aspects. However, there is often still a need for action in the area of climate and environmental protection.

  • Energy efficiency and resource consumption are the areas in which the greatest progress has been made (see chart). Overall, the majority of TMT companies surveyed consider themselves to be well positioned in all three ESG dimensions.
89 %

of the companies surveyed see little or no need for action in the area of social affairs.

48 %

have improved the workload of the workforce not at all or only slightly

  • However, this self-image is somewhat deceptive. Our study shows that many TMT companies still need to take action in many ESG areas - for example in recycling electronic waste, monitoring suppliers, reducing workloads or promoting equal pay. The reporting of sustainability measures is also rudimentary at best.

  • ESG investments are also often still at a relatively low level. The share of sustainability investments in total investments is less than 10 per cent for just over a third of respondents. A further third were unable to make a concrete statement on this point. This lack of knowledge is an indication that sustainability is often not firmly anchored in the organisational structure.

Progress in the area of sustainability

To what extent has your company demonstrably improved in the following areas in the last two years? (n=150)

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In order to paint a clearer picture for the sectors, we have published three separate reports in which the survey results are analysed in detail per sub-sector and enriched with recommendations for action. The reports can be read individually, but also side by side to recognise similarities and differences between the three TMT sectors.

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