Social commitment at KPMG always means personal commitment on the part of the individual employee.

Social commitment at KPMG

Social commitment at KPMG always means personal commitment on the part of the individual employee. Of course, this also applies to donations as a building block of our social commitment.

We use three forms of donations in Germany: financial support, the contribution of our expertise for the benefit of society (pro bono) and donations of time as part of our engagement programmes.

Financial support

We focus our donations on the following areas of support: Education including science and research, society and social issues, art, culture and sport, environment and nature conservation, and commitment to the social market economy. Our focus in the field of education is particularly on professional cooperation.

The KPMG Residual Cent Initiative is an activity within the scope of our social commitment. Here, our employees can voluntarily give up the cent amount of their net salary and donate it to a good cause. KPMG collects these amounts over the course of a year, doubles the amount collected by employees and donates it to three charitable organisations. Our employees can decide on the distribution of the donation amount in the form of a survey.

Contributing our expertise for social good (pro bono)

In line with our sustainability approach, we also provide part of our social commitment in the form of pro bono services. This is because our employees have specific competencies with which we can make valuable contributions to the further development of the social and educational sector and at the same time make our expertise visible on the market. With our know-how, we support the organisations in solving specific issues and increasing their professionalism. At the same time, our employees can broaden their insights into civil society and come into contact with a completely different clientele. For several years now, KPMG has audited the annual financial statements of all JOBLINGE non-profit limited companies as well as the umbrella organisation as part of pro bono services.

Donating time - actively assuming responsibility

Every employee has the opportunity to get actively involved in a concrete way and according to their personal inclinations. KPMG was one of the first companies in Germany to introduce a scheme that allows employees to take up to four hours off each month for social commitment. This can take place within the framework of the engagement programmes offered by KPMG as well as in the form of self-initiated community engagement.

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