Path to sustainability

GRI 413-1 

Utilising our professional knowledge and competence, we accompany non-profit organisations and social businesses on their path towards sustainability. With the expertise of our employees, we help non-profits and social business find new approaches to the resolution of their problems. Non-profit organisations and social businesses may take advantage of our expertise by participating in professional training courses, mentoring and applying for service grants.  Our professional assistance intends to be both the provision of assistance to non-profit organisations and a development activity for our employees, giving them the opportunity to expand their horizons and knowledge and to practice their soft skills. In addition to professional consultancy, we also support non-profit organisations with manual volunteer activities and both financial and material assistance.

A comprehensive overview of our professional programmes and all registration information can be found on the programme’s dedicated web pages at Cesta k udržitelnosti

Our year with Loono

For one year, we joined forces with Loono, an organisation dedicated to educating the public about the importance of prevention and health care. We built our cooperation on mutual professional consultations, financial support and manual volunteering.

During our year together:

  • KPMG Legal consulted on employment matters, contractual cooperation with freelancers and volunteer and licensing agreements.
  • Our team of Customer Experience consultants advised the organisation's staff on how to present Loono to the public and potential partners and how to tailor bids to make them more successful.
  • Loono educated our staff about preventive screenings and heart disease.
  • Our volunteers lent a hand in wrapping Christmas packages and moving the organisation to new premises.
  • Together with our employees, we supported Loono with CZK 606,000.
Loono KPMG
Loono večírek

We would like to thank the people from KPMG for all the energy and time they have given us. I believe that in 2020, we at Loono similarly proved that we are true to our word and that despite the pandemic we are doing our best to make sure that the public knows about health and prevention in a verified and understandable way.

Blanka Sigmundová
Loono’s Director

Blanka Sigmundová


The KPMG Ideation Challenge or KIC is an international competition in which students pitch their own projects to potential investors. They learn how to properly present and monetise their ideas. The entire competition is in English, so in addition to soft skills, students also improve their language skills.

In 2020's national Czech round, the Foodies team won with their idea for an app for people with food intolerance and allergies. The Foodies team then represented the Czech Republic at the international finals, which were supposed to take place in Seoul, South Korea, but due to the coronavirus situation and restrictions, eventually took place on 24 August in an online format. 

KIC vítězové
KIC final
KIC visačka
KIC finále


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