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At KPMG, we consider lifelong learning to be very important. We encourage it among both our employees and people outside KPMG. We see each of our employees as a unique individual who has come to us to grow as both a professional and a person. The stories on our blog demonstrate that our development efforts are bearing fruit, and not just among students and graduates. We cater to the needs of our employees and engage them in activities that promote engagement and responsibility, even as COVID-19 and its associated measures have forced us to suspend or move some activities online.

Talent education and development

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At KPMG, we consider continuous learning to be essential. After a new employee joins, their initial training is followed up in subsequent years by a range of local and international KPMG courses and specialised external training opportunities.

Together with their supervisor, twice a year every employee evaluates the past period, the goals achieved and their further development.

Our educational needs are provided by KPMG Business School, established according to foreign educational schemes and ensuring the courses' high level of quality. 

We support our employees in obtaining certifications from key professional organisations:

  • ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)
  • Chamber of Auditors of the Czech Republic
  • Chamber of Tax Advisors
  • Institute of Certified Accountants
  • ISACA and PRINCE2, with focuses on project management.

Diversity. Equal and flexible working conditions

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We try to accommodate our employees’ need to align their private life with their work.

We offer flexible working hours and the possibility to work remotely. Our aim is to allow our employees to manage their working hours flexibly and effectively while preserving the high quality of our services to both internal and external clients. 


We look after employees on maternity or parental leave.

For some time, we have been trying to extend equal and flexible conditions to our employees on parental leave. With all, we remain in regular contact and try to create a positive environment for their return to work. If possible, we offer employees the chance to participate in engagements on a part-time basis. So far, this approach has been successful even at our most top positions.

We are signatories of the Diversity Charter.

Secondments abroad

Our employees can go on short-term (up to 1 year) or long-term secondments (up to 3-5 years) to KPMG offices abroad. The KPMG Global Opportunities programme offers the opportunity to develop professional skills and knowledge and gain many valuable life experiences.

A chance for graduates

Every year, around 2,500 university students and graduates express their interest in working for us. More than 200 of them are subsequently offered the opportunity to grow with us, both professionally and personally.

Employment opportunities are offered to both graduates and students, in the form of full-time employment or internships. We welcome candidates with education in economics and finance or IT.

All junior candidates go through online performance tests that aim to evaluate their work with texts and graphs as well as their analytical and logical thinking and English language abilities. Applicants can prepare for these tests with the help of our Test2job app which offers modified versions of these tests. 

Every year, we organise workshops and lectures to introduce our work to students and graduates. Many of our colleagues also lecture at universities across the country.

Students and graduates are also targeted by our recruitment campaigns supported by the blog. Here, our employees and alumni talk about working at KPMG and share their stories of how they’ve ‘grown up’ with us.

Data studies at the University of Economics

At the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics of the University of Economics in Prague, we helped to open a master's degree programme in Data and Analytics for Business and an MBA programme called Data & Analytics for Business Management. Thanks to these programmes, students gain practical skills in data, analytics, and technology. KPMG is the professional guarantor of both programmes.


Through a cafeteria system of optional perks, we provide an array of benefits to employees. All employees other than partners are entitled to cafeteria benefits. Our benefit cafeteria includes over 10,000 options, including meal vouchers, educational courses, and numerous opportunities in travel and tourism, culture, sports, wellness and health care, life assurance and casualty insurance, pension insurance, etc.

Our employees may also:

  • benefit from favourable group life assurance and casualty insurance schemes
  • take longer leaves-of-absences
  • receive fully paid membership in professional organisations and chambers
  • make use of wide-ranging training and development offers, professional certifications and programmes, study leaves, language courses, training of interpersonal competencies or technical and computer skills training
  • receive a 100 percent salary compensation for up to five days of sickness
  • freely partake of refreshments provided in kitchenettes on every floor
  • take advantage of discounts at various local establishments
  • use laptops, mobile phones, company cars and garage parking
  • take an additional day of paid leave on top of the week for new parents guaranteed by law
  • Disabled employees are offered a wide range of additional benefits ranging from medical services, therapeutic-rehabilitative spa stays, and contributions for medical equipment. 

We are a Healthy Firm

We want our employees to take an interest in their health and try to compensate them for the demands of their work by offering them additional care.

We primarily focus on four areas:

  • work environment
  • psycho-social working conditions
  • the health of individuals
  • the firm as part of a larger community.


Implemented activities: 

  • Yoga classes at work
  • Pilates classes at work
  • massages at work
  • first-aid classes
  • health days
  • various health and personal development seminars.

Health during the pandemic

Health was in the spotlight this year, not least because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We prepared a special internal page for employees with detailed information and recommendations on how to behave safely and responsibly during the pandemic. We continued to update this with an overview of government and firm-wide measures and listed contacts for help and advice. Employees could also take advantage of psychological counselling, which we introduced in the past and plan to maintain in the future. 

Doing Good

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We provide our employees with opportunities for personal growth through CSR activities, at the same time motivating them to become personally engaged in their leisure time as well. Through CSR activities, we strive to enhance our working environment.


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