2020 Transparency Report


The key to success lies in our people

Maria Karantoni, Head of People

We are committed to empowering and developing our people to achieve their full potential in today’s ever-changing and challenging world, by fostering a work environment of trust, promoting a growth mindset and embracing diversity.

Maria Karantoni, Head of People

Our people is our most valuable asset

Our ambition is to create an environment where all people work together, respect each other and draw strength from their differences. We recognise that what differentiates us from competition are the skills, expertise and uniqueness of our people. For this reason, we constantly aim to provide our people with all necessary training and tools that enable them to strive for excellence in their professional life.

Recruiting, developing and retaining our extraordinary people

We have developed a recruitment strategy to attract the best talent in the market, including entry-level and experienced hires. We focus on increasing the engagement levels of our people to drive high performance and deliver the highest standards to our clients. We also encourage them to open their minds and embrace feedback, both positive and developmental, from their performance managers as well as peers, so they can further develop themselves.

We have made our people’s ongoing development a priority! We have built a learning culture that encourages ongoing improvement and development at individual, team and organisational level. Every year, we set out our training calendar and offer a huge variety of topics ranging from technical to soft skills, that aim to equip our people with the proper knowledge to deliver their tasks and meet the expectations of their roles.

What is more, our people’s wellbeing is always at the top of our human resource agenda and we constantly aim to support their physical, mental and social health through our wellbeing programme.

Creating an environment of trust for our people and an environment full of opportunities to expand their horizons and invest in their expertise, is what makes us attractive and distinguish us as an “employer of choice.”

New graduates 85*

*59% of new hires

Millennials and Generation Z 77%
New hires for 2020







Central Services:

Nationalities (excluding Cypriot): 22
Female: 56% Male: 44%

* numbers for calendar year 2020

Our accreditations

  • Investors in People
  • Approved employer ACCA
  • Approved employer ACA
  • Gold Stamp